We're missing the fellowship and engagement of many Palmer Rotarians.    We can change more lives in our community, and elsewhere, the more members get engaged....Reach out to a fellow club member you haven't seen for a while....encourage renewed engagement with us this week! 

Paraphrased from the pen of Ron Burton, President RI, "It's time for us to recognize that the real challenge we face isn't just bringing new members into Rotary.  It's helping members get engaged in Rotary...helping them realize how their Rotary service can change lives.  When we realize what we can achieve in Rotary...when we really engage Rotary, that's when lives change.  We change the lives of the people who need us.   It's time to open our eyes to the potential each of us has through Rotary.  Rotary lets us reach higher, do more, and be a part of something larger than ourselves.  No matter how much we give to Rotary, we get more in return. "